Optoelectronics and Semiconductor Technique

Оптоeлектроніка та напівпровідникова техніка

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Abbreviated key-title: Optoelektron. napìvprovìd. teh.

https://doi.org/10.15407/jopt / https://doi.org/10.15407/iopt

V. 57 (2022) | to Ukrainian version


Address of the Editor-in-Chief of the collection of scientific works "Optoelectronics and Semiconductor Technique" to the readers

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57, 5-6 (2022) 

N.V. Kachur, H.V. Dorozinska, G.V. Dorozinsky, V.P. Maslov, A.V. Fedorenko

Prospects And Trends In The Development Of Devices And Methods Based On The Phenomenon Of Surface Plasmon Resonance In The Infrared Range (review)

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57, 7-17 (2022)

H.V. Dorozinska, V.P. Maslov, G.V. Dorozinsky 

Application Of Plasmonics For The Analysis Of Polydisperse Systems (review)

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57, 18-28 (2022)

V.V. Tetyorkin, A.I. Tkachuk, A.T. Voroschenko, I.G. Lutsyshyn 

Insb Photodiodes (review. Part V)

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57, 29-42 (2022)

O.I. Vlasenko, Z.K. Vlasenko 

Induced Restructuring Of The Crystal Structure And Acoustic Response In Semiconductors Based On Cadmium Telluride For Use In Optoelectronics And Topical Areas Of Semiconductor Technology (review)

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57, 43-70 (2022)

B.G. Shabashkevich, Y.G. Dobrovolskyi, V.G.Yuryev, P.I. Neezhmakov, V.M. Sorokin, D.V. Pekur

Specialized Photometer For Monitoring The Brightness And Illumination Of The Road Surface

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57, 71-81 (2022)

S.O. Kostyukevych, K.V. Kostyukevych, R.V. Khrystosenko, A.A. Koptyukh, V.I. Pogoda. 

Sensing Element Of The Surface Plasmon Sensor With Thermal Modification Of The Structural Properties Of The Polymer Substrate

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57, 82-92 (2022)

Ya.M. Olikh, M.D. Tymochko 

Peculiarities Of Ultrasound Effect On 2deg And 3deg Charge Carriers Electronic Transport In Gan/Algan/Gan/Aln Heterostructures

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57, 93-100 (2022)

L.A. Nazarenko, K.I. Suvorova, M.V. Guryev

Spectral Power Distribution Of Leds And Pouch Photometry

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57, 101-113 (2022)

L.V. Shekhovtsov 

Transition Layer And Lateral Photo-Emf In Semiconductor Heterosystems

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57, 114-120 (2022)

O.D. Kupko, A.I. Shloma 

Analysis Of The Sources Of Uncertainty On The Way To Creating A Luminance Unit Standard

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57, 121-132 (2022)

A.A. Kryuchуn, V.V.Petrov, V.M. Rubish, M.L. Trunov, S.O. Kostyukevych, K.V. Kostyukevych 

Technologies For Creating Surface Reliefs On Films Of Chalcogenide Semiconductors

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57, 133-144 (2022)

I.V. Pekur, D.V. Pekur 

Spectral Parameters Of Quasi-Monochromatic Leds For Lighting Systems With Tunable Spectral Composition

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57,145-151 (2022)

H.V. Dorozinska, M. O. Hryhorchuk, G.V. Dorozinsky

Determination Of The Thickness Of Plasmon Carrier Layers By The Photometric Method

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 57, 152-159 (2022)