Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 51, 91-103 (2016)

V.O. Lysiuk, S.O. Kostyukevych, K.V. Kostyukevych, A.A. Koptiukh, V.S. Stashchuk1


The peculiarities of the photonic crystal operation, methods of creating the photonic band gap and math modeling have been considered. Special attention was paid to methods of manufactoring the photonic crystals and principles of development of hybrid photonic sensors and devices. Perspectives for applications of the described technologies for manufacturing the various devices and systems have been reviewed.

Keywords: photonic crystals, plasmon, sensor, ion implantation.


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В.О. Лисюк, С.О. Костюкевич, К.В. Костюкевич, А.А. Коптюх, В.С. Стащук1


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