Optoelectronics and Semiconductor Technique

Оптоeлектроніка та напівпровідникова техніка

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Abbreviated key-title: Optoelektron. napìvprovìd. teh.


V. 50 (2015) | to Ukrainian version


A.I. Vlasenko, V.P. Veleschuk, M.P. Kisselyuk, Z.K. Vlasenko, I.O. Lyashenko, O.V. Lyashenko

Acoustic emission of the light emitting diodes (review)

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 50, 5-16 (2015)

A.V. Sukach, V.V. Tetyorkin, I.M. Matiyuk, A.I. Tkachuk

InAs photodiodes (review)

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 50, 17-43 (2015)

V.A. Dan’ko, I.Z. Indutnyy, M.V. Lukaniuk, V.I. Myn’ko, S.S. Ponomarjov, P.E. Shepeliavyi, V.O. Yukhymchuk

Photolithography on photostimulated reversible and transient structural changes in CHG

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 50, 44-57 (2015)

Ya.Ya. Kudryk.

Methods for creation and properties of ohmic contacts to indium phosphide (rewiev)

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 50, 58-72 (2015)

P.I. Baranskii, G.P. Gaidar

Comparison of the electrophysical properties of silicon crystals doped with phosphorus through the melt and by using the method of nuclear transmutation

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 50, 73-78 (2015)

A.P. Paiuk, A.Yu. Meshalkin, A.V. Stronski, E.A. Achimova, S.A. Sergeev, V.G. Abashkin, O.S. Lytvyn, P.F. Oleksenko, A.M. Prisacar, G.M. Triduh, E.V. Senchenko

E-beam and holographic recording of surface relief structures by using the Ge5As37A58–se multilayer nanostructures as registering media

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 50, 79-86 (2015)

S.P. Rudenko, M.O. Stetsenko, I.M. Krishchenko, L.S. Maksimenko, E.B. Kaganovich, B.K. Serdega

Diagnostic of localized surface plasmon resonances on porous gold films

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 50, 87-93 (2015)

G.P. Malanych, V.M. Tomashik, I.B. Stratiychuk, Z.F. Tomashik

Chemical etching of PbTe and Pb 1–x Sn x Te single crystals by using H2O2–HBr solutions with different initial HBr concentrations

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 50, 94-101 (2015)

E.V. Kostyukevich, S.A. Kostyukevich, A.A. Kudryavtsev, N.L. Moskalenko

Analysis of changes in optical characteristics of polycrystalline gold films under the influence of low-temperature annealing

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 50, 102-108 (2015)

V.A. Dan’ko, M.L. Dmytruk, I.Z. Indutnyy, S.V. Mamykin, V.I. Myn’ko, P.M. Lytvyn, M.V. Lukaniuk, P.E. Shepeliavyi

Formation of submicron periodic plasmon structures of large area by using the interference lithography method with vacuum photoresists

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 50, 109-116 (2015)

R.V. Khristosenko, Ye.V. Kostyukevich, Yu.V. Ushenin, A.V. Samoylov

Improvement of exploitation parameters of transducers based on surface plasmon resonance via optimization of optical parts in sensor devices of the “plasmon” type

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 50, 117-124 (2015)

V.F. Onyshchenko

Distribution of non-equilibrium charge carriers in macroporous silicon structure under conditions of their homogeneous generation over the simple bulk

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 50, 125-131 (2015)

S.V. Svechnikov

To the 50 th issue of “Optoelectronics and Semiconductor Technique”

Optoelectron. Semicond. Tech. 50, 132-133 (2015) (PDF)